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Below is some of the equipment our trainers have in their kit list Kit List

Personal Training Kit List

Our mobile personal trainers can't carry every piece of fitness equipment with them, so we've selected some of the best, most practical, compact and effective equipment available on the market. This allows our trainers to help their clients achieve their goals in almost any environment.

Kiss Fitness Personal trainers are fully mobile, although we don't have the luxury of the gym, we are trained to workout in alternative environments and actually we need very little space to get a good workout in. Whatever equipment your trainer needs for your training session will be bought with them, some of this equipment we use is shown below.

Please Note: Not all trainers have access to all the equipment listed here.

We don't have a gym, but we can bring the gym to you

Battle Ropes Training

Battle Ropes deliver a functional and metabolic workout engaging all muscle groups and allowing the exerciser a varied workout. This highly versatile workout tool allows for some truly functional movement patterns,including; waves, whips, slams, spirals and throw calling in to action all major muscles groups in the upper body. Ensuring you have a solid base when exercising with the battle ropes will fire up your lower body while requiring core strength, thus maximising the tension on the mid-section too.

Although not the most compact and lightest piece of fitness kit a Personal Trainer could use, the payback for the inconvenience is well worth it. Our Personal trainers love training clients with the battle ropes

Boxing Personal Training with Punch Pads & Gloves

Punch pads are excellent for releasing tension and getting a fantastic aerobic and functional workout that will seriously engage your core. Using punch pads and gloves your trainer can teach and take you through simple and advanced routines for an all over body workout.

Simple yet highley effective, focus pads and gloves are light and portabable yet provide a dynamic functional workout that burns carloies, improoves hand eye cordination and is great fun.No brainer why it's in our Mobile Personal Trainers toolbox.

BOSU Balance Trainer

Today, BOSU’s are used by fitness professionals and enthusiasts all over the globe as an innovative approach to functional training, expanding so many existing exercises into dynamic and progressive exercises that expand movement capabilities.

It might look like half a Fitness Ball, but it's highly effective at functional training., that's why it great for Mobile Personal Training. Although it's not the smallest thing to carry around it portable enough to bring to clients homes and very little space is needed for a good workout. It's defiantly one of our trainer's favourite bits of kit.

Personal Trainers with the Reebok Step

The Reebok Step is a very simple piece of training kit which revolutionised the group exercise industry in the late 90's when Gin Miller introduced step aerobics for group exercise, a class combining dance based choreography for a fun, innovative and highly effective workout routine. During the 90's, step classes across the UK and the world was a massive hit introducing many new people to "group exercise" and "keep fit" style classes.

The step is less portable than other items in our personal trainers tool kit, however it's simple and enables a huge range of exercises not possible without the step. Personal Trainers can deliver a full body resistance and cardio workout using just the step.

Personal Training with Dumbbells

The dumbbell is the classic piece of fitness kit usually associated with gyms, health clubs and studios, yet despite its weight, it's quite often featured as one of the training tools our trainers use with their clients. This is helped by there being different types of dumbbells including selectorized dumbbells which allow the trainer to carry only one set of dumbbells and use multiple weights.

Dumbbells are great for free weight training as they allow an independent range of motion with many exercises, this helps correct muscle imbalances and work stabiliser muscles.

Although not the obvious choice due to not being particularly portable, our trainers most certainly use dumbbells with their clients and we actively advise our clients to purchase their own dumbbells. This is because the number of exercises that can be performed is vast and varied, excellent investment once you have the expert guidance of a personal trainer at your fingertips.

Why do we call them dumbbells?

Resistance Bands Personal Training

Resistance bands and tubes are one of the most basic and simple exercise tools on the market, they are extremely effective and can be used with a wide variety of exercises, they range in resistance and type making them adaptable to clients needs.

It's a no brianer that our trainers love bands and tubes, super light making them highly portable yet highly effective.

Fitness Ball Personal Training

OK, so you might not know it as a Fitness Ball and that’s most likely because this round ball constructed from elastic and PVC has a whole bunch of names, these names are normally specific to the intended use of the ball, it is however commonly called a Swiss Ball.

The Fitness Ball comes in a variety of sizes to suit the user and can be used for a whole bunch of exercises, from core exercises to progression of traditional exercises using an unstable base. The versatility of the Fitness Ball means it's popular with Kiss Fitness Personal Trainers, lighthouse not as easy to carry around. The benefits of using the ball far outweigh it's inconvenience of portability, our personal trainer love to use the fitness ball to challenge their clients.

Personal Training with Skipping Ropes

The Skipping Rope had been the used for many many years a a very simple fitness tool, children would actually use it for play rather than exercise as the primary motbator hoevery theu would certainly be getting a good workout. Skipping Rope or Jump Rope as it's often refeerd allows for basic

The benefit is low impact on knees, hips and ankles and if done properly its a lower impact activity than jogging. More benefit on heart, lungs and muscles. It strengthens upper and lower body and burns alot of calories in a short space of time.

Powerbags & Sand Bags

Powerbags are an incredibly versatile piece of kit, they have all the benefits of other weighted equipment without the downsides. Essentially Power Bags & Sandbags are a bag filled with sand enabling resisted training in a wide spectrum of exercises. This makes them excellent for all types of training, especially in alternative environments, such as outdoors, at home, on the beach etc.

It's no wonder our Personal Trainers love the Powerbag, for one they are comfortable to use, much more so than a traditional weighted bag yet have the versatility of providing so many exercise options, an entire workout or rehabilitation session can easily be performed on the powerbag. They are easily to move around, great for mobile personal trainers. We love them, you should too.

Stability Discs for Personal Training

The Stability Disc is a functional piece of fitness equipment that can enhance and increase the intensity of many exercises while being the sole training platform for training core muscles and strengthening ankle and knee joints. Also commonly known as a Stability Pod or Balance Pod, these simple air filled plastic discs are excellent for training all aspects of balance and coordination.

Stability Discs are light and extremely portable, ideal for our Mobile Personal Trainers. Using the Stability Discs enables our trainers to add variety, increase intensity and expand exercise possibilities with one simple piece of kit. 

*Results Disclaimer

Results achieved from Personal Training may vary, your specific results will depend on your frequency of sessions and the duration which these sessions are received. While the Personal Trainer takes on your goals as their own and endeavours to get you to your set goals, your results will be dependent on your 100% commitment, following the set programme and advice.

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