Nutrition & Healthy Eating

Expert Advice & Guidance included with all packages & subscriptions of Personal Training

We believe that nutrition & healthy eating is personal training, therefore it's always included as part of the cost of personal training. All Kiss Fitness personal trainers are committed to ensuring their clients reach their goals and if you want nutritional advice, analysis and feedback or if the trainers feels you will benefit from the service you will get it, at no extra cost.

We think about nutrition differently, no calorie counting at Kiss Fitness, we educate you into making better choices and living a more balanced nutrient rich lifestyle that you can follow forever. You won't be on a 'DIET' , you will be educated through feedback and constant advice specific to your own eating habits. For us and our trainers, nutrition & healthy eating is a 'lifestyle' not a 'diet', not a short term fix but a lasting lifelong change.

Stages of nutrition analysis

  • 7 day food diary
  • Portion, fluid & alcohol analysis
  • Detailed feedback report
  •  Action plan

Eating right & staying healthy

Our qualified personal trainers deliver valuable services to help you achieve your goals, monitored healthy eating and good nutrition should be part of any training programme but you don't need to engage in personal training with us to get these mobile & online services. Our trainers can deliver stand alone nutritional services to enhance your existing exercise programme or aid you getting back on track.

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We work exclusively with Myprotein to provide our clients with supplements and nutritional products to supplement their training. 

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The CRAP list tells you what CRAP you need to ditch to aid weight loss and live a healthy lifestyle.

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