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Home Weight Loss Kickstarter Training Plan by Daniel Jeal

12 Week Home Weight Loss Kick-Starter
The plan is designed for HOME users who have little or no equipment available to them who want to get started with making a lifestyle change and KICKSTART their WEIGHT LOSS journey.
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Home Weight Loss Kick-Starter

Welcome to the Home Weight Loss Kickstart Training Plan by Daniel Jeal

The plan is designed for HOME users who have little or no equipment available to them who want to get started with making a lifestyle change and KICKSTART their WEIGHT LOSS journey.

This is a 12 week training plan which is split into 3 training phases of 4 weeks. The plan assumes you have little knowledge of exercises and will take you through basic exercise, you’ll increase your cardiovascular and muscular fitness taking you into more advance training techniques and exercise in future stages to achieve a decent weight loss.

As a fitness professional, you might think the most common question I get is how do I get slim like a supermodel or huge like Arnie, Truth is I don't! However I do get asked how do I start! And what can I do to lose a few pounds. You see the truth is, most people and probably you too, just want to look ‘Healthy’. In most cases, it’s knowing where to start and how to create long lasting healthy habits. This is exactly why I have designed this plan. To help you get on track, you’ll learn new habits that you can continue, basic exercise routines you can follow long after the plan has ended and what to eat and what not to eat and when.

Kick Start your Weight Loss Journey

Get the motivation, tools and trainer designed plan to help you achieve your weight loss goals. The Weight Loss Kick Starter training plan will kick start your weight loss journey and if followed correctly you'll lose weight and be well on your way to further weight loss.

Who is this program for?

Anyone of any age, of any sex, and from any walk of life. Including you. But! It’s not for everyone. This plan has been designed specifically for those looking to get back into exercise, start exercise for the first time and lose some weight to lead you on the track to being more healthy with better habits.

This Plan is for you if?

  • You are currently overweight with a BMI over 25
  • You're NOT currently exercising regularly
  • You want to lose weight
  • You have some bad habits
  • You struggle with maintaining a healthy weight or losing weight altogether

Is this is you? Read on and see what this plan can do for you.


PHASE 1 - Fitness Boost (4 weeks)
Learn the basics, raise your fitness level and get to grips with healthy eating and living a healthy lifestyle.

PHASE 2 - Weight Loss (4 weeks)
Add metabolic cardio to sculpt your muscle and burn body fat!

PHASE 3 - Weight Loss & Tone (4 weeks)
The final phase will continue to focus on reducing body weight while toning  muscle and eating clean!

What you will Need

  • Regular Access to the internet
  • Ipad, Iphone or Android Smartphone or access to a Laptop or Desktop computer
  • Yoga or Gym Mat - Buy from Amazon
  • Optional

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Daniel Jeal


Daniel Jeal
Dan has over 12 years experience in the Health & Fitness Industry, has worked with a wide range of clients including professional athletes and is a mobile personal trainer, owner & director at Kiss Fitness.
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Results or your Money Back

We are confident you'll get results from our plans but if you don't or don't like our service, we'll give you a full refund.

What you need to know

This training plan is delivered by our online training app power by Trainerize you will need a desktop computer or smartphone to make use of these services.

you'll need an IOS or Android Smartphone to down the the Kiss Fitness Online Training App

You Must Commit

This training plan is 100% dependent on your personal involvement and self motivation to do the set workouts and make the required behavioral changes to your lifestyle to increase your daily activity and achieve your desired weight loss goals. Your trainer will keep you motivated, provide advice and guidance however you must be dedicated to sticking to the programme and getting the workouts done.

The CRAP List

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The CRAP list tells you what CRAP you need to ditch to aid weight loss and live a healthy lifestyle.

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What you get

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Your workouts are scheduled for you with daily reminders, track workouts and stats. Print out your programme or access via your smartphone or web app.
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Ask questions, get advice from our Personal Trainers via live in app messaging.
Nutrition Guide
Healthy Eating Guide
The CRAP List is a simple guide to healthy eating, ditching the crap and learning to eat healthy.
Workout Videos
Always know what to do
See video demonstrations of exercises in your workout plan, no guess work. Check your technique on the go with exercise demonstrated by our very own personal trainers.