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Fitness balls are very popular, from specific stability ball classes to casual gym use and personal training sessions, they provide an excellent platform to work out our core muscles. To get the most out of fitness ball exercises,  you should make sure you have the correct size. The correct sized fitness ball is vital for good technique and posture during your workout. T his guide will show how to select the correct size fitness ball.

Ok, so you are in the gym looking at the fitness ball rack and there are small, medium and large sized fitness balls. So which do you need, in this article you will find out how to select the correct sized fitness ball for you.

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How to set up a TRX in Single Handed Mode

Single handed mode is used for advanced TRX exercises and for rotational movements, it's important to set it up correctly as incorrect set up can lead to accident and injury, once you learn this simple method you'll be able to get your TRX into single handed mode in seconds.

  1. Grab both handles and hold them one on to top of the other
  2. Take the handle on the bottom and pass though the top handles webbing (upper part of handle)
  3. Now the handle that was on bottom is on top.
  4. Repeat this process so that the bottom handle again goes through the top.
  5. Pull the top handle to tighten up, if this has been correctly it will be safe to work in single handed mode.
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