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Maximuscle Whey Protein Concentrate Review

A Lot of people get very excited about protein, it's a necessary supplement when training hard and wanting to get results but what is a good protein? For me, it's about taste, to be honest a protein powder is a protein powder. Now that's not what a manufacture is going to want to hear but it's true, especially when looking at just 'Whey Protein Powders' which generally have little else added to them. Therefore in reality, it's all about taste, texture and how easy it is to mix.

That then is what I will be looking at when it comes to this Maximuscle Whey Protein Concentrate in CHOCOLATE by MaxiNutrition, yum.

To be fair, Maximuscle have sent me the best flavor, i'm not sure if they were trying to win me over before i'd opened it, but it worked. What's not to like about a chocolate flavored shake (protein or no protein)

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2Under GearShift Trunk

2under gave us a pair of Men's Underwear to test, and we gave it to Daniel Jeal, one of our Male Mobile Personal Trainers to put them through their paces. Personal Trainers are on the move often before the sun rises too long after it sets, there moving equipment, exercising, walking, running so what better way to test a pair of boxer shorts. A busy personal trainer could benefit from performance underwear, read on to see how the 2under GearShift Trunk performed. Here is what Dan thought of the 2 Under Gear Shift Trunks we were given to test.

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OVIO Daily Organic Olive Leaf Plus Calendula

We received a bottle of Olive Leaf Infusion in the office and we gave it to Nikki (@NikkiFitBunny) to try, Nikki is an eat clean addict, she loves to balance her diet with clean good nutrients and she was excited to try this energising supplement

What is it?

olive leaf supplement is a natural food supplement that contains active polyphenols from the healthy Mediterranean diet. 

Claimed to be energising, purifying and immune system boosting. 
Stated Benefits:

  • Protects against free radicals
  • Powerful immune system support
  • Detox antioxidant affect
  • Natural energy and sports recovery
  • No added olive leaf extract powder - Natural supplement
  • Non-GM, free from pesticides and vegan approved.

More info

I caught up with Nikki (@NikkiFitBunny) to ask her a few questions about her Organic Leaf experience. 

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