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Our inspirational clients... Nikki Squires - Blandford Forum & North Dorset Area

Nikki is our co-founder and also Personal Trainer for the Blandford Forum and North Dorset area.

Browse testimonials from Nikki's clients below from thier health and fitness journy.

Nikki's Profile's Profile

Every single week was completely different from the last... She bought different equipment every week. Including kettle bells, battle ropes, TRX, boxing equipment, and much more. I was extremely happy with the work that Nikki did with me and would recommend her very highly to anyone who was looking to work with a personal trainer.

Our sessions are always extremely well planned with lots of variety (to stave off boredom!)and I find her approach to be methodical and extremely thorough

When I first met Nikki I was 18st 8lbs, unable to breathe properly, constantly tired, and could not do a lot of simple things for myself, like foot-care, nor could I get out of the bath easily. I have been keeping a list of things I can now do, .. and its over a page and a half long already !!

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Results achieved from Personal Training may vary, your specific results will depend on your frequency of sessions and the duration which these sessions are received. While the Personal Trainer takes on your goals as their own and endeavours to get you to your set goals, your results will be dependent on your 100% commitment, following the set programme and advice.

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