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The outstanding MAX Trainer M7 is the top-of-the-line MAX Trainer from Bowflex. Boasting enhanced dual-mode LCD/LED displays, sport performance stainless steel pedals, aerobar grips, with burn rate and resistance level adjustments, extra programmes and more, it’s the most feature-rich model, and is simply jam-packed with exciting training options to keep your workout engaging.


Innovatively designed, the award-winning* MAX Trainer is your answer to MAX calorie burn in less time. It combines the full body workout of an elliptical cross trainer and the calorie-scorching power of a stepper in a smooth, low-impact motion that blitzes 2.5x more calories than any other cardio machine. Engaging 80% more upper body muscles too, it’s a total body workout that provides incredible results.

It features the revolutionary MAX IntervalT 14-minute workout (just one of 11 workouts), which is designed around High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT), combining hard work with rest periods for maximum effect.

The M7 features the breakthrough Smart MAXT function which is applied to many programmes. This cleverly learns your specific fitness level and caters burn rate targets to your ability while challenging you to improve your overall fitness. (The SMART Max function is included as an individual workout programme on the M5 model. The M7 cleverly utilises it across several programmes.)


Designed to maximise your training, the MAX Trainer M7 features 11 engaging workouts, including the 14-minute MAX IntervalT workout. Designed for ultimate calorie burn in quick-speed time, this revolutionary programme uses intervals to keep your body guessing. The result is increased calorie burn – up to 2.5 times more burned every minute compared to treadmills, steppers and elliptical cross trainers. You also get the benefit of the “afterburn effect” – you continue to burn calories after you’ve stepped off the machine.



  • Resistance levels: 20 (computer-controlled adjustments)
  • Interactive console: oversized; high contrast; backlit Dual-Mode LCD/LED displays Burn Rate (calories burned); time; resistance level; distance and more; 4 user profiles
  • Add Time feature: add a little more time to your workout at the touch of a button
  • Workouts: 11 (Manual; MAX Interval (7; 14; 21); Power Interval; Calorie Burn; Fat Burn; Calorie Goal; Stairs; Steady Pace; Fitness Test)
  • MAX Interval workout: 14-minute programme burns 2.5x more calories (can also set the 7-minute or 21-minute Interval)
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