Caige Motorized Rotation Stage, 360° Rotation Stage 200Mm Table Machine W/Stepper Motor for Automation Scientific Experiments


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Product Description

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Product parameter:
Item Number: PX110-200
Rotation Range: 360° of Continuous Rotation
Diameter of Platform: Ø200mm
Drive Mechanism: Worm Gear
Worm Gear Ratio: 180 : 1or 90:1or 45:1(Choose one of the three)
Stepper Motor (1.8°): 57BYG – Stepping Motor with 2-Phases & 1.8° of Step Angle
Material – Finish: Aluminum Alloy – Black-Anodized
Load Capacity: 55Kgs
Weight: 9.0kgs

Accuracy Specifications
Design Resolution: 0.01°=36″, Non-MS Driver; 0.0005°=1.8″, 20MS Driver
Rotational Velocity (Max): 25°/sec
Repeatability: 0.005°=18″
Absolute On-Axis Accuracy: 0.01°=36″
Run-Out of Top Plate: 15μm
Backlash: 0.005°=18″
Eccentricity: 20μm
Lost Motion: 0.005°=18″
Parallelization: 100μm

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Package content:
1 x Electric Rotation Stage
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  • HIGH PRECISION: The Electric Rotation Stage center through hole of the rotary table has strict coaxiality requirements with the center of rotation. The center hole of the rotary table has strict tolerance limits, which is convenient for customers to do precise positioning.
  • CONVENIENT READING: The scale circle on the periphery of the table is a laser marking ruler. The scale can be rotated relative to the table to facilitate initial positioning and reading.
  • MULTI-ANGLE: The Electric Rotation Stage can be used in flat or vertical, and can be combined with other types of tables to form a multi-dimensional electric adjustment table.
  • MULTI-FUNCTION: Motorized rotation stage can increase the limit function, increase the initial zero position, replace the servo motor, install the rotary encoder, accept the product modification and tailor-made.
  • PROFESSIONAL CUSTOMER SERVICE: If you have any questions to Electric Rotation Stage, we are always ready to help and do our utmost to make you satisfied.Great service is always available and we will do our best to help you.
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