DeskCycle Ellipse New, Under Desk Magnetic Elliptical Trainer


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Product Description

Burn More Calories than a Standing Desk on the Lowest Setting: Pedaling the DeskCycle Ellipse at a leisurely pace of 1 revolution per second on the lowest resistance setting doesn’t feel like exercise at all. Yet this will increase your Calorie burn more than using a standing desk. On a setting of 3 at the same pace, you will burn twice the number of Calories than you would just sitting at your desk.

Keep the Resistance Low at Your Desk: When using the DeskCycle under-desk elliptical at your desk you should set the resistance level to 3 or less. This low cardio zone increases your energy level and oxygen to your brain without distracting you from your work. Ultra-Smooth Pedal Motion and Whisper-Quiet Operation: Magnetic resistance and a precision flywheel make pedaling the DeskCycle an unconscious activity. This lets you focus on your work, your television show, or anything else you might be doing. It’s also whisper quiet, which lets you to pedal away without distracting your others. This is due to our patented mechanism which includes: A high-inertia flywheel, Friction-free magnetic resistance, and 17 precision sealed bearings. 10,000 Minute, 5-Function Display: Most bikes only keep track of 100 minutes of activity. This isn’t enough for those who use the bike for several hours per day. Our display counts keeps track of 10,000 minutes (166 hours) of activity. Functions include Revolutions, Time, RPM, Calories and Scan. 8 Magnetic Resistance Levels: The DeskCycle Ellipse has a wide resistance range. The 8 calibrated resistance levels go from very easy to more than you need at your desk.

Display Stand for Your Desk: Lets you place the display on your desk for convenient viewing. Kensington Slot: All DeskCycles come with a Kensington slot on the front of the bike. This lets you secure the DeskCycle Ellipse to your desk using a standard Kensington laptop lock (sold separately).


  • Improve your Health, Energy-Level and Productivity. In addition to losing weight, improving their health, and extending their lifespan, people who exercise before or during work are happier, suffer less stress, and are more productive.
  • Use at work or home – Use while on your phone, watching TV, playing video games or any time you’re sitting still and your legs are free. It’s great for general exercise and physical therapy.
  • Smooth and Quiet Magnetic Resistance – Pedal away quietly without disturbing your coworkers or family members. The DeskCycle Ellipse has ultra-smooth smooth pedal motion.
  • Wide resistance range with 8 resistance levels – 8 calibrated resistance settings; from very easy to more than you need at your desk.
  • Extra Long Pedals: The extra length lets you choose your pedal motion type by where you place your feet on the pedals. Placing your feet toward the front of the pedals makes the pedal motion more circular. Placing your feet toward the rear of the pedal makes your pedal motion more flat.
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