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Firepaw High Resistance “Carpet” Dog Treadmill uses an improved old-school approach to dog training in terms of power, muscle explosivity, mass gain and power endurance. Despite it is being labeled as a “Carpet Mill”, we have used very strong, long lasting and smooth-moving material for the belt. It has shock absorbing and anti-slipping structure. Firepaw High Resistance “Carpet” Dog Treadmill provides approximately 4-5 times greater resistance than Standard Dog Treadmil The Firepaw High Resistance Treadmill is even better now with just 1.4 minutes assembling and dismantling time and low noise level it is a great tool for everyday workouts. 5-15 minutes workouts are efficient for every dog with weight over 12 kg. Low noise levels Assembling and dismatling in only 1.4 minutes-video Adjustable dog fixing bar Detachable and easy to store Mobility wheels for easy movement by one person Made from solid steel Custom Color – included (sides are always white)


  • Firepaw Caret Dog Treadmill provides the highest spinning resistance compared to the Standard and Economy Firepaw Dog Treadmills.
  • Firepaw Carpet Dog Treadmill is handcrafted in our own workshop with furniture quality and design.
  • It is available in individual colors, polished with natural ingredients.
  • Adjustable slope in 3 levels.
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