HSS86 Stepper Servo Motor, 12N.M 0~3000RPM NEMA34 Closed-Loop High Speed Stepper Servo Motor


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Product Description

HSS86 is a two-phase hybrid stepper motor servo driver, adopting new 32-bit control technology and vector control technology that can prevent loss of movement synchronization and ensures accuracy. High-speed moment of force attenuation is far lower than the traditional open-loop driver, which can greatly increase high – speed performance and torque of stepper motor.Load-based current control technology can effectively reduce temperature rise of motor and prolong motor service life. Built-in position and alarm output signal is convenient for PC monitoring and controlling. Position out-of-tolerance alarm function ensures machining equipment safe operation.The driver is a great replacement for traditional open loop stepping driver and can replace part of traditional AC servo system.

Voltage: AC20V~80V / DC30~110V
Peak Output Current: 8.0A (current changes along with load)
Logic Input Current: 7~20mA
Pulse Frequency: 0~200KHz
Encoder Lines: 1000
Insulation Resistance: >=500MΩ
Motor Rated Voltage: 70V
Motor Power: 250W
Motor Rated Speed: 0~3000rpmMotor Moment of Force: 12N.m

Indicator Light:
PWR: Power supply indicator. Green light is on when power on.
ALM: Malfunction indicator. Red light flashing once within 3 seconds indicates over-current or interphase short circuit; red light flashing twice within 3 seconds indicates over-voltage; red light flashing three times within 3 seconds indicates position out-of-tolerance protection.

Package Includes:
1 x Driver
1 x Motor
1 x Cable


  • Fit for all kinds of machinery load conditions (including low rigidity belt wheel and pulley) without adjusting the gain parameters
  • The driver uses advanced 32-bit special motor control chip and vector closed-loop control technology
  • Stepping closed-loop circuit system, no loss of movement synchronization
  • Current is adjusted depending on the load, reducing motor temperature rise
  • Improve motor output moment of force and speed
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