JML iWalk – The compact, powerful home family treadmill


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The compact, powerful home family treadmill

iWalk is the incredible, compact but powerful home treadmill for the whole family. With its compact and easy-to-store design, combined with a super-powerful silent-running motor, anybody of any age and at any level of fitness, can enjoy the benefits of walking and running in their own home.iWalk has a host of user-friendly features including integrated connectivity and built-in speakers so you can listen to the music on your phone while you exercise. The quiet motor won’t disturb other family members and means you can train while you watch TV or keep an eye on the kids! And when it’s not in use, iWalk folds up and stores away so easily and in such a compact size you’ll never know it was there!

Easy to use – walk and run for a healthier you

Walking and running are the best ways to keep healthy and fit but leaving the house is often not an option if you have responsibilities at home like work commitments or looking after children, or your mobility is reduced. And while the streets may be free to walk or run on, the weather is beyond your control which is why there are so many treadmills at expensive gyms. With iWalk you get the benefits of a gym treadmill but in your own home, so you can get healthier in whichever way you want, without the expense or hassle of going out.

Powerful enough to work for everyone

Walking and running can help anybody, old or young, whether you need to start with simple, basic strolling, or want to run off excess calories and burn fat, iWalk has a quiet-running motor that’s nearly twice as powerful as most treadmills of a similar size, so your fitness level won’t matter. With 6 user settings iWalk lets you walk or run from 1 – 10 kph. With iWalk you can:

?Enhance circulation

?Improve joint health

?Strengthen bones and muscles

?Burn calories

?Boost overall mood


Packed full of features

With integrated speakers that let you connect y


  • Easy to use – walk and run for a healthier you
  • Powerful enough to work for everyone
  • Small enough to fit anywhere around the house
  • Integrated Speakers play your favourite music from your phone
  • Magnetic cut-off key for safety
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