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When you see a machine like this one, you understand what a home gym should be. Solid, engaging, and full of possibilities. The G7 Cable Motion Gym System is the one machine that lets you do it all. It’s as bold and commanding as it is subtle and refined. If you’re into the latest and greatest, then you’ll be pleasantly surprised by all that this single piece of equipment has to offer.Functional strength training simply means structuring your workouts around the types of movements used for sport-specific, task-specific, or work-related activities. By exercising the muscles used during the activities of everyday living with the G7, you actually improve strength, coordination, range of motion, balance, and mobility. Best of all, with its Cable Motion technology, which allows for unrestricted, user-defined paths of motion, the G7 is designed to move the way your body moves. So there really is no limit to the amount of exercise options with the G7. You’ll also enjoy the piece of mind of a Limited Lifetime Warranty on the frame, welds, pulleys and parts and a 3-Year Warranty on upholstered pads and cables (although Life Fitness make such high quality products that you probably won’t need either)Note that this product specification does not include the bench.


  • Working area required: 300 x 549 x 210cm
  • Dual weight stacks: 2 x 160lb/73kg
  • Pulleys: 20 positions per column for endless exercises
  • Quick lock cable end attachments: switch out attachments quickly and easily
  • Multi-position chin/pull up bars: correctly angled for biochemically correct upper-body and core exercises
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