MAXXUS Multigym 9.1 | Gym-Quality Home Multi Gym with Smith Machine for Full Body Strength Training | Includes Weight Bench, Bench Press and Cable Pulley System


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Product Description

The new MAXXUS Multi-Press machines offer a wide range of training possibilities. With ultra smooth linear bearings, the Maxxus Multi Gym Smith Machines give the user vertical barbell bar guidance. This creates natural exercise movement and relieves pressure on the spine and joints.The suspension bolts also allow the position of the barbell to be adjusted. The Multi-Press training bench can also be used independently.

Maxxus Multi-Press Multi Gym Smith Machine features:

– Multifunctional strength machine for presses, lat pull-downs, seated rows, dips, pull-ups & butterfly.

– Includes a training bench with leg and arm curl modules, and adjustable backrest that offers incline, decline & flat positions.

– Barbell with safety hooks and suspension hooks

MAXXUS create products with the highest possible quality and durability. With 20 years of experience and continuous development within the fitness industry, MAXXUS products have become permanent bestsellers. They create a wide range of fitness machines and offer excellent personal in-house service to all customers. Their products are sold directly to private customers and businesses without any intermediate, offering excellent value for money.


  • ✔️ MAXXUS MULTIGYM 9.1 – PEERLESS PERFORMANCE – With ultra smooth linear bearings, the superior Maxxus Smith Machine includes suspension bolts that allow the position of the barbell to be altered to your individual requirement. The dip station offers two side cable pulley systems for comprehensive arm and back training. Lat pull-downs, butterfly and seated row stations are included together with a universal adjustable weight bench.
  • ✔️ MULTI-FUNCTIONAL STRENGTH MACHINE FOR FULL BODY TRAINING – The Maxxus Multigym 9.1 home multi gym smith machine is exclusively designed to enable you to safely perform a large variety of compound exercises such as pull-ups, squats, dips, bench press, lat pull-downs, rows and butterflies. The universal weight bench includes preacher curl and leg curl modules and is adjustable for incline, decline and flat bench positions.
  • ✔️ GYM-QUALITY TANK DURABLE CONSTRUCTION – The solid steel construction of the Maxxus Multigym 9.1 impresses with its excellent workmanship and robust stability. With a total weight of 235kg, the Multigym 9.1 is suitable for any home workout with heavy weights. Smith machine includes safety and suspension hooks. Gym-quality performance, optimal results.
  • ✔️ TRUSTED BY ELITE ATHLETES AND COACHES – Maxxus is the official sponsor of the Straubing Tigers Premier League Hockey Team and an exclusive equipment supplier for The Biggest Loser Germany. Elite equipment trusted by professionals. Build to last. Designed for the ultimate training experience.
  • ✔️ 24 MONTH WARRANTY, EXCEPTIONAL CUSTOMER SERVICE – We are a German company with 20 years of experience in producing the highest-quality gym standard fitness machines for your home. We offer a 24 month warranty, with a replacement machine delivered to your door.
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