Taurus Ultra Force Multi Gym


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Product Description

The Taurus UltraForce is a multi-gym without weights with resistance produced by hydraulic cylinders as opposed to a weight block consisting of several heavy plates. The UltraForce offers a resistance of 100 kg that can be set at 1.25 kg increments which offers advantages to both beginners and experienced trainers. In addition, both sides of the multi-gym can be set independently, a feature that is mostly offered by professional gym equipment. Due to the hydraulic system, the UltraForce multi-gym is much lighter than a machine that comes with the standard weight block system which makes transportation of the machine very easy. This means that the set-up time takes less time meaning you can begin to work on your fitness goals as soon as possible. As well as being lighter, the UltraForce is also much quieter than a standard multi-gym again thanks to the hydraulic system. This also makes the machine much safer to use as fingers are not at risk of being caught between weight plates. Price-performance winner of the multi-gym test of the subject for biomechanics in sports at the TU Munich (11/2016) Dimension: (L) 134 cm x (W) 165 cm x (H) 208 cm PLEASE NOTE: It is recommended that this item should not be used in temperatures colder than 10ÂșC

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